SEC Director of Investment Management Dalia Blass Delivers Keynote Address at the ICI Securities Law Developments Conference

November 1, 2018

On October 25, 2018, the SEC’s Director of the Division of Investment Management (Division), Dalia Blass, delivered a speech at the Investment Company Institute (ICI) Securities Law Developments Conference.

During her speech, Director Blass discussed the Division’s Investor Experience Initiative, which seeks to improve the quality and usefulness of information that investors receive about funds and advisers. She enumerated several recommendations regarding fund disclosures: (1) telling the “story” of a fund, (2) writing clearly and concisely in disclosures, and (3) engaging with disclosure staff. Director Blass also commented briefly on potential derivatives rulemaking, and discussed SEC Chairman Jay Clayton’s statement on the role of SEC staff views and the Division’s review of prior staff statements.


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